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Career Prospect

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BSc (Bioinformatics) graduates will be equipped with practical and transferable skills that are of high demand in research, hospitals and the healthcare industry, both locally and internationally. 


There is a strong growing demand for biotechnology and big data expertise in research centres, as well as growing demand in the hospital and healthcare sector in analysis of clinical and public health data.

Examples are:

  • Genome data analysts who work in private or public medical genomic laboratories such as the Hong Kong Genome Institute that uses human genomic data to support medical decision making.

  • Digital health specialists who work in hospitals and health technology companies which use digital and mobile devices to support telemedicine and automation of healthcare system. 

  • Bioinformatic research scientists who develop and use innovative software pipelines to solve a variety of biomedical problems in the academic, research and private biotechnology sector. 

  • Global health data analysts who develop models to predict epidemiological trends and assess various preventive measures for public health protection.

  • Medical artificial intelligence specialists who use hospital electronic medical records, medical images, and clinical text to develop innovative AI solutions in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. 

In addition, the quantitative data analysis skills and biomedical knowledge acquired in this programme will enable our graduates to pursue diverse careers in data science and biomedical science.

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