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Cancer cells

BSc(Bioinformatics) graduates will possess practical and transferable skills highly sought after in both local and international research centres, hospitals, and the healthcare industry, meeting the increasing demand for biotechnology and big data expertise.

Career Prospects

Genome Data Analyst

Work in private or public medical genomic laboratories such as the Hong Kong Genome Institute that uses human genomic data to support medical decision-making.

Digital Health Specialist

Work in hospitals and health technology companies which use digital and mobile devices to support telemedicine and automation of healthcare systems.

Bioinformatics Research Scientist

Develop and use innovative software pipelines to solve various biomedical problems in the academic, research and private biotechnology sectors.

Global Health Data Analyst

Develop models to predict epidemiological trends and assess various preventive measures for public health protection.

HKUMed research team

Bioinformatics students can enhance their academic journey with a credit-bearing internship course in year 3, where they'll gain hands-on research experience alongside industry leaders. Additionally, there are guaranteed paid summer internships to work in research or industry, allowing students to expand their networks and gain valuable insights into the latest developments in bioinformatics.


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