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The Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics (JUPAS programme code 6470) is offered by the LKS Faculty of Medicine and hosted by the School of Biomedical Sciences in collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering.

JUPAS Applicants (JS6470)

Candidates who rank the BSc(Bioinformatics) programme as a Band A choice shall have preference. Based on the candidate's school reference reports, academic results and Student Learning Profile (where applicable), candidates may be selected to attend one interview in June or late July after the announcement of the HKDSE results.

In addition to satisfying the University Entrance Requirements, candidates shall fulfil all of the following requirements in HKDSE:

a) Achieve the level of performance in the four core subjects listed below:


Level 4


Level 3


Level 4

Liberal Studies / Citizenship and Social Development

Level 2 / Attained

b) Attain at least level 3 in two electives*, one of which must be:

  • Biology or

  • Chemistry or

  • Combined Science with Biology as one of the components or

  • Combined Science with Chemistry as one of the components

* Mathematics Extended Part (Module 1 (M1) / Module 2 (M2)) will be recognised as equivalent to a full elective subject.

Scoring Formula

The scoring formula considers Category A subjects and M1/M2 only. The best 6 subjects will be considered.

Non-JUPAS Applicants

University Entrance Requirements

  1. Academic requirements

  2. English language requirement

  3. Second language requirement

Additional Requirements

  • High School Level Chemistry or Biology (e.g. GCE/International A-level Chemistry or Biology, or IB Higher Level Chemistry or Biology)

  • High School Level Mathematics (e.g. GCE/International A-level Mathematics, or IB Higher Level/Standard Level "Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches" / "Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation")

  • Preference for First-Choice Applicants

Advanced Standing

Applicants with GCE A-Level, Cambridge Pre-U or IB Diploma qualifications and at least seven years of secondary education when admitted to the University will be granted 18 credits of Advanced Standing. These comprise six credits for the Core University English course and 12 for the Common Core courses, provided that students take one Common Core course in each Area of Inquiry.


Advanced Standing will be granted automatically; a separate application is not required. The Faculty Office will contact you should Advanced Standing be given.

Competitive Score for IB Diploma and GCE/International A-level Candidates^

IB: 37

GCE/International A-level: 2A*1A (excluding Chinese and English language subjects)


^ Competitive Score refers to the score most successful candidates achieved over the past few years. Please note that achieving the Competitive Score does not guarantee admission to the programme, as admission decisions are based on many factors.


Shortlisted JUPAS and non-JUPAS applicants will be invited for an interview. Preference will be given to those candidates who place the Bioinformatics programme in Band A (JUPAS) or the first choice (non-JUPAS).

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